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Bellator 272 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | Pettis vs. Horiguchi

Bellator 272 goes down tonight (Fri., Dec. 3, 2021) inside Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., airing exclusively on SHOWTIME (watch it here). Headlining the event is a Bantamweight title fight between division kingpin Sergio Pettis taking on RIZIN 135-pound roost ruler, Kyoji Horiguchi. In the co-main event, Emmanuel Sanchez will battle Jeremy Kennedy in Featherweight action.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 272) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


135 lbs.: Sergio Pettis vs Kyoji Horiguchi - Pettis via fourth round knockout, spinning backfist (HIGHLIGHTS)
145 lbs.: Emmanuel Sanchez vs Jeremy Kennedy - Kennedy via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Johnny Eblen vs. Collin Huckbody - Eblen via first round technical knockout (HIGHLIGHTS)
135 lbs.: Josh Hill vs. Jared Scoggins - Hill via second round knockout (HIGHLIGHTS)
155 lbs.: Alexandr Shabliy vs. Bobby King - Shabliy via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Kai Kamaka III vs. John de Jesus - Kamaka III via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Levan Chokheli vs. Vinicius de Jesus - Chokheli via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Justin Montalvo vs. Jacob Bohn - Montalvo via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Killys Mota vs. Mike Hamel - Hamel via split decision
155 lbs.: Spike Carlyle vs. Dan Moret - Carlyle via third round sub. (rear-naked choke)
170 lbs.: Oliver Enkamp vs. Kyle Crutchmer - Crutchmer via unanimous decision


Sergio Pettis vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Round 1: Low kick from Horiguchi. Jab from Horiguchi. Pettis tags Horiguchi, sending him back a bit. Another low kick from Horiguchi and he goes in for the takedown and gets it. Up kicks from Pettis. Horiguchi takes his back. Horiguchi takes Pettis down but he pops right back up and he separates. Spinning back kick for Horiguchi. Pettis works the jab. Horiguchi lands a right hand. Pettis eats it. Kick to the midsection for Horiguchi. They exchange strikes in the center of the cage. Horiguchi light on his feet, Pettis with a tight offense, composed. One-two from Horiguchi. Close first round. 10-9 Horiguchi

Round 2: Kick to the midsection lands for Horiguchi. Pettis gets knocked down with a hard leg kick from Horiguchi. Horiguchi changes levels and gets the takedown. In half guard. Pettis working strikes from the bottom. Horiguchi now works the ground-and-pound and Pettis quickly gets back up. Horiguchi has a hold of his back and drags him back down. Knees to the thigh for Horiguchi, who is sporting a cut below his right eye. Horiguchi all over Pettis, not letting him breathe one bit. Pettis tries to escape but Horiguchi attacking with strikes prevents. Pettis just covering up for the moment. Pettis back to his feet and they separate. One-two combo for Horiguchi lands. Pettis with a jab. 10-9 Horiguchi

Round 3: Hard leg kick from Horiguchi and Pettis whiffs on a spinning backfist. Pettis needs to let his fists fly a bit more here. Spinning back kick lands for Horiguchi. The RIZIN bantamweight champ gets a hold of Pettis, pushes him up against the cage and takes him down with ease. Third takedown for Horiguchi, one in each round. Half guard for Horiguchi while he rains down strikes. Pettis in a bad position down two rounds. Pettis working hard to escape but Horiguchi now takes his back with one hook in. Pettis escapes. Horiguchi with another low kick, and another, Pettis lunges in with a left hook. 10-9 Horiguchi

Round 4: Pettis lands a clean jab and both men are coming out swinging in the fourth round. Left hand lands for Pettis but Horiguchi rushes Pettis and takes him down again. Horiguchi in guard. Pettis has a body triangle, not sure it’s the best move. Horiguchi lets Pettis up to his feet. Pettis simply can’t get any rhythm going here. Pettis opens up and lands a nice left hand. Horiguchi bleeding from his cut again. Luckily it is below the eye. Pettis stuffs the takedown. Pettis with a nice shot to the body. Pettis lands a nast spinning backfist and knocks Horiguchi out cold! WOW!!!!!

Final Result: Pettis def. Horiguchi via knockout

Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Jeremy Kennedy

Round 1: They come to the center of the cage and get the action started early. Both men swinging often but nothing clean lands for either man. They clinch against the cage and Kennedy gets a brief takedown. Back to the feet. They clinch again against the cage. Kennedy slams Sanchez to the canvas and is in side control. Sanchez angling for a submission. Kennedy is now in half guard. Sanchez staying busy from the bottom position. Sanchez working his way back to his feet but Kennedy drags him down. Sanchez manages to get back to his feet. They exchange knees in the clinch. Sanchez looking for an armbar, but Kennedy isn’t worried one bit. Sanchez still trying to crank it as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Kennedy

Round 2: Sanchez goes in for the early takedown with a single leg but Kennedy defends well. Sanchez now has Kennedy’s back but Kennedy executes a nice foot sweep to take Sanchez down. Kennedy now in half guard. Elbows and hammer fists from Sanchez from the bottom. Sanchez is cut from his head. Kennedy takes Sanchez back and they are back to their feet. Kennedy drags Sanchez back down to the canvas. In side control now. Kennedy drops some bombs from this position but Sanchez fires right back. Kennedy mounts briefly but spins out of it for whatever reason. Sanchez went for a triangle and now Kennedy takes Sanchez’s back, He is looking for the rear-naked choke. He has the hooks in. Sanchez gets his right leg loose. Kennedy still trying to the submission but Sanchez defends well. Sanchez escapes the hold but Kennedy manages to keep him down. Sanchez gets back to his feet but Kennedy has a good grip and isn’t letting go. 10-9 Kennedy

Round 3: Sanchez comes out aggressive, maybe too aggressive because Kennedy gets another takedown. Sanchez needs a finish here because Kennedy is up two rounds easy. Kennedy looking for the rear-naked choke again. Sanchez not doing much to escape, Kennedy has had this same body triangle position for two minutes now. Kennedy looks like he has a rear-naked choke but Sanchez escapes. Kennedy rolls and Sanchez is exhausted. Sanchez trying to slip up but Kennedy has a tight hold. Kennedy turns into him and Sanchez has a guillotine. Big mistake from Kennedy. Sanchez has it. One minute remaining. Kennedy seems to be okay but Sanchez isn’t giving up the hold. Kennedy pops his head out and starts unloading strikes

Final Result: Kennedy def. Sanchez via unanimous decision

Josh Hill vs. Jared Scoggins

Round 1: Low kick for Scoggins, then a high kick. Thy clinch up against the cage. Knees to the body from Hill. They separate. Not a ton of action three minutes in. High kick attempt from Scoggins catches nothing but air. Low kick from Hill. They trade in the center of the cage and both land. High kick from Scoggins whiffs again. Low kick from Hill. One-two from Scoggins barely clips his foe. Hill with a nice right hand. They exchange kicks again. Scoggins kicks to the body and Hill catches it and manages to take him down. Hill trying to get some separation but Scoggins holding on tight. 10-9 Hill

Round 2: They exchange kicks again. They trade blows but nothing lands. And out of nowhere Hill lands a huge right hand and knocks Scoggins out cold! WOW!

Final Result: Hill def. Scoggins via second round knockout

Johnny Eblen vs. Collin Huckbody

Round 1: Low kick from Eblen to kick things off. Body kick by Eblen. Two right hands from Eblen find a home. Eblen goes in and starts unloading on Huckbody with one vicious strike after another. Huckbody goes down, and gets back up. Eblen puts his foot on the gas pedal and continues the onslaught. The referee has no choice but to step in and put an end to the fight after Huckbody turned his back. One-side quick win for Eblen.

Final Result: Eblen def. Huckbody via first round technical knockout

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