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Video: Some moron tried to fight a former UFC fighter, got destroyed on first contact

Remember that scene in Double Impact when the “new guy” shows up at Chad’s karate dojo and tries to whoop Sensei Wagner with one of his “special kicks?”

That’s sort of what happened to the “best bareknuckle boxer in the world” when he climbed between the ropes at Diesel’s Counter Punch gym in Great Falls, Montana. As the name would suggest, the head cheese at DCP is former UFC welterweight Joe Riggs.

Riggs, 39, went 8-1-1 in MMA after parting ways with UFC and is currently 4-1-1 as a bareknuckle boxer. In fact, “Diesel” scored “Knockout of the Year” by planishing fellow UFC export Melvin Guillard for BKFC back in October.

“When boys come to play with men,” Riggs wrote in the video caption. “This guy came in day after day talking shit, saying he’s the best bareknuckle boxer in the world. We wanted to give him a taste of what he was asking for.”

He got more than a taste. He got the whole goddamn meal.

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