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Car Jitsu? Watch Russian goon get submitted by seatbelt in bizarre new grappling tourney

If you’ve ever been driving with someone who was so annoying that you wanted to reach over and choke their ass out; well, I have great news for you. Courtesy of the combat sports braintrusts in Russia, home to other high-concept creations like 5-on-5 MMA, comes “Car Jitsu,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

You get locked in a car and have to grapple your way to victory.

“This tournament just like previous ones are run to find out specifics of jiu-jitsu application in vehicles and in confined spaces in general,” creator Viz Mikheev wrote on YouTube. “All submissions are legal. Three minutes (or until submission) on driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat, then switch and three minutes more (or until submission).”

And yes, they have a women’s division.

“If the score by submission is equal, competitors move to the back seats for a four-minute round,” Mikheev continued. “If no submissions happen in the back, the competitor with more points wins. Points are counted for guard pass (3 pts), mount (4 pts), back mount (4 pts), and knee on belly (2 pts) positions. And yes, competitors can use seat belts.”

Check out the seatbelt choke in action below:

Clearly the greatest thing to hit combat sports since X-ARM.

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