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Midnight Mania! ‘Real fighter’ Nate Diaz mocks ‘Paul sisters’ for hiring security to keep him away

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Given that Nate Diaz is known for causing mayhem at fight events and got into a scuffle at the weigh-ins, is it so unreasonable that Jake and/or Logan Paul would beef up security and advise them to keep an eye on Diaz?

Weak sauce, per the Stockton slugger. After making good with the security team, Diaz ripped the brothers for requiring outside help to protect them from a “real fighter.”

“The Paul sisters hired this security team to make sure I wouldn’t get to them,” Diaz wrote. “Like I was actually trying too, but it’s all good with u guys I don’t take this fight thang with u2 serious. You guys playing boxing with wrestlers who can’t box or lil ass Floyd and that’s not cool bruh but it’s good.

“I’m a real fighter from the real fight game so don’t trip so hard when you see me fellas let’s just be friends it’s good.”

Diaz is no dummy. Despite fighting infrequently, he manages to keep himself in continual wars of words with men like Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, and of course the Paul brothers. Any and all of those matches would move a whole lot of pay-per-view (PPV) buys and earn Diaz a considerable paycheck.

With just a single fight left on his UFC contract, Diaz might just line up the biggest paycheck of his pro career.


I saw quite a few people on Twitter discussing Francis Ngannou’s supposed muscle loss and smaller form, and well ... “The Predator” still looks like a full-sized and ripped Heavyweight to me!

Kevin Holland is still working to improve his defensive wrestling.

Objectively, I’d like to see Sean O’Malley fight a Top 10 opponent next. As a fan, however, O’Malley vs. Adrian Yanez sounds like a badass fight!

I didn’t realize martial arts could protect one from *checks notes* rock fall?

Michel Prazeres recently asked for his UFC release so that he could fight again before the age of 44.

A pretty cool moment from the boxing world:


Slips, rips, and KO clips

Notice how the last knee comes straight up then swipes across the jaw — awesome technique!

That’s a big man to be hitting a jump triangle!

Sergio Pettis’ technique has been clean for a long, long time.

Random Land

Happy Festivus!

Midnight Music: The end of 2021 approaching means that it’s list season! For the lazy (like me) who failed to keep up-to-date on all the new releases, top song and album lists from various publications are quite helpful in catching up.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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