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Floyd Mayweather, Dana White land on Jake Paul’s new boxing bucket list


Jake Paul is really starting to grab the combat sports world by the balls and as a result he’s aiming high when it comes to his revamped boxing bucket list.

Paul, who has transformed from social media star to professional boxer in just a few years, is coming off the biggest win of his career. Earlier this month, Paul fought former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a short-notice rematch that produced absolute fireworks inside of the boxing ring. Paul ended up knocking out “Chosen One” and turned him into a stiff board with one single punch. It was arguably the best finish in boxing this year (check it out HERE).

Paul is now 5-0 in his professional boxing career and with this most recent stoppage over Woodley his ego is soaring at an all-time high. It’s hard to blame the social media influencer for gaining so much confidence over the past two years considering the results he has had, but things are only going to get tougher for “Problem Child” as he challenges better fighters moving forward.

Earlier this week Paul took to social media to reveal his boxing bucket list for his budding career. Some of these matchups will never work for one reason or another, but it’s still interesting to see who Paul covets most when it comes to his boxing legacy. Check out Paul’s list below:

My boxing bucket list:

1) Canelo Alvarez
2) Floyd Mayweather
3) Mike Tyson
4) Tyson Furry
5) Dana White

Out of all of these matchups the one that would be most interesting and the most likely to happen would be a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The undefeated boxing legend is coming off a exhibition win over Logan Paul and is always searching for his next massive payday. That is exactly what Paul offers and it would be an easy paycheck for “Money,” who would absolutely wipe the floor with Paul regardless of ruleset.

What say you, Maniacs? Which matchup would peak your interest the most?

Sound off!

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