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Jorge Masvidal sick of ‘little b*tches’ like Jake Paul and Conor McGregor, who won’t sack up (or sign up)

Jorge Masvidal is hitting the slopes.

Sounds fun, but Masvidal would much rather be hitting faces in the combat sports arena. Unfortunately “Gamebred” can’t seem to convince “actresses” at Disney Channel like Jake Paul, or “little bitches” who sell “cheap-ass whiskey” like Conor McGregor, to sack up and sign the contract.

“When you little pussies get bored of calling my name out and actually want to sign the contract, from that little actress that works at Disney Channel, forgot his name, he just fought,” Masvidal said on his YouTube channel (transcribed by Farah Hannoun). “To the little bitch that sells cheap-ass whiskey, to the fragile motherfucker that’s always getting his face broken — all you little bitches can get it, man.”

I’m sure it would be much easier to sign a contract with Jake Paul if “The Problem Child” was actually employed by UFC. And since Masvidal, 37, is under contract to Dana White and Co., he’ll just have to settle for someone in his weight class.

Sorry, that rules out McGregor, who is way too small for the division.

“I’m off the injury list, and these little bitches don’t want to sign the contract,” Masvidal continued. “The contracts have been handed. It’s in their fucking face. They know I’m off the injury list. I’m trying to get some paychecks, but meanwhile, since I can’t rip these bitches up, I’m going to go rip these mountains up.”

Might be time to finally book this grudge match ... assuming that “broken face” is healed.

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