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Daniel Cormier rips ‘embarrassed’ Tyron Woodley for celebrating KO loss to ‘Disney kid’ Jake Paul — ‘It’s bad’

Tyron Woodley’s knockout loss to Jake Paul was bad. How “The Chosen One” handled it was even worse, according to Daniel Cormier.

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley replaced retired NBA star Nate Robinson in the Jake Paul highlight reel hall of fame, thanks to a thunderous sixth-round knockout that sent “The Chosen One” face first onto the canvas last weekend in Tampa.

After the loss, Woodley held a fan contest awarding $5,000 to the fan who could best immortalize his knockout loss in meme format. That didn't sit well with fellow UFC veteran Daniel Cormier, who thinks it’s a bad look for “T-Wood” to be publicly trolling himself.

“Dude that was not good, that was a bad look,” Cormier said of the knockout (via ESPN). “And you know what’s worse? The after. I don’t know what T-Wood’s doing on social media. He posts the knockout, he makes a contest about it ... it’s like Jake Paul is beating these dudes so bad that they start to make fun of themselves.”

Paul, who is now 5-0 as a boxer with four knockouts, also planished Ben Askren under the Triller banner last April in Atlanta. His only decision victory came against Woodley when they first went to war back in August in “The Problem Child’s” hometown of Cleveland.

“These guys go in there to fight this dude, they lose to him,” Cormier continued. “Ben Askren was almost immediately making fun of himself. It’s almost like you’re so embarrassed that you lost to the ‘Disney kid’ that you almost start to become self deprecating. It’s bad. It’s bad what happens to these dudes.”

Paul has not announced his 2022 plans, at least in terms of his boxing return, but I can’t imagine the available talent will be rushing to fight “The Problem Child” after watching him lay waste to a couple of established UFC veterans like Askren and Woodley.

“They’re going to fight this kid under his ruleset,” Cormier said. “This kid has all the time in the world to train. The kid has money. The kid has ways of improving and honestly, he’s much better than people want to give him credit for. The kid can fight a little bit.”

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