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Jake Paul offers Jorge Masvidal $5 million to box him, ‘Gamebred’ counters with $20 million

Whether we want to accept it or not, Jake Paul has become the most talked about fighter in combat sports as of late. He’s dominated headlines, knocked out former UFC champions and made tons of money in the process.

While many still don’t want to give “The Problem Child” his props as a legit boxer because of the level of competition he’s faced, the YouTube star-turned professional fighter is determined to take it all one fight at a time.

After he knocked out Tyron Woodley this past weekend (Sat., Dec. 18, 2021) in their rematch (see it here), Paul called out Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz for walking out of the arena before the bout was over, saying he’d beat both of them in a boxing ring. For his part, Masvidal responded by saying that the multi-millionaire couldn’t afford him, which in all actuality he can.

In fact, Paul has officially put a $5 million offer on the table for “Gamebred” to accept as long as he can convince Dana White to allow him to make the jump over to the boxing world for a one-off fight.

Masvidal was quick to respond with a counteroffer of his own to the tune of $20 million guaranteed so that not only he gets paid, but UFC does, too.

Since when is $5 million chump change?

Still, Masvidal and Paul both know that UFC is not about letting its fighters jump over to the boxing ring for a one-off (unless you are this guy), which is the reason these callouts are pretty pointless. That’s why “Gamebred” wants Paul to make the jump into the Octagon, but not for an MMA fight.

“If UFC still says no because the money is still too low then come over to the UFC, sign a one fight deal and we can stipulate I can only box in the cage,” he wrote on Twitter. “If I do anything other than that I will forfeit my purse to you. Come on over and get paid and laid out,” he concluded.

Again, that’s a scenario that is unlikely to happen because White has gone on record to say that he is not interested in being business with the Paul brothers. Then again, White has been known to change his mind on a few occasions.

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