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Beer-flinching bareknuckle boxer clowned by Nate Diaz vows revenge: ‘I’m a real street dog’

UFC welterweight Nate Diaz was exiting the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley pay-per-view (PPV) event last weekend in Tampa when a mouthy bystander tried to talk smack. The result was a face full of beer and one of the greatest flinches ever caught on camera.

Have a look:

It was so epic, even UFC President Dana White had to share it on social media.

But not everyone is laughing at the events of Dec. 18, including MMA veteran and bare-knuckle boxer Carrese Archer. The brawler known as “One Punch” was the man behind the beer and wants the chance to avenge his sudsy loss to the Stockton slapper.

“Hello, world. I seen all the laughter, everybody laughing, haha. Same thing that make you laugh make you cry,” Archer told his Instagram followers (transcribed by Simon Samano). “Nate Diaz is a bona fide female dog. He had the police with him, had the security protecting him, and you gonna flinch at me and try to sucker punch me when I’m not paying attention? And y’all think this man is a gangster?”

Archer is just 2-6 in MMA with three knockout losses, including his KOTC defeat to Khaos Williams back in Aug. 2017. “One Punch” was also knocked out by JD Burns in the bareknuckle arena as part of the BYB 7 event last September.

That’s life as a ‘street dog,’ I suppose.

“I think the world is fucked up and confused around here when they think about what is a real gangster,” Archer continued. “I’m a real street dog. I’m in the streets. Believe that. Anybody that know me know how ‘One Punch’ rockin’, and we don’t do shit while the police there. Dana White, I seen you made a post. And you laughed, and you thought it was funny. I bet you won’t think it’s funny you sign me for one fight, and I knock Nate Diaz the fuck out in the first round. Guaranteed, no cap, I’m not playing no games.”

Diaz has yet to answer the call (and likely won’t).

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