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Video: Tyron Woodley’s mom goes nuts when goading fan asks, ‘What went wrong?’

Tyron Woodley was knocked out by Jake Paul in their cruiserweight rematch last weekend in Tampa, a crushing sixth-round finish that sent “The Chosen One” to 0-2 in the “sweet science” after previously losing a split decision to “The Problem Child” last August.

Watch the violent finish here.

After the event, Woodley’s mom — a fixture at all of his fights — was headed back to the dressing room to comfort her son when a goading fan decided to ask her what went wrong. Not a terrible question per se, it just wasn’t the right time or place.

“What the fuck you think motherfucker? What went wrong with you?”

Here’s what happened just moments before that (and her reaction):

I know a lot of people have been calling the loss “embarrassing” but I have a lot of respect for Woodley. He knew the risk going into the unknown; namely, getting flatlined by a fighter who gets nothing but hate from the combat sports community.

In addition, Woodley took the loss like a champ, showing up to the post-fight press conference to field questions from the media when he could have just as easily ran through the airport with a pillow over his face.

For more results and coverage from last weekend’s “Paul vs. Woodley” event click here.

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