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Video! Watch every awesome angle from that massive Jake Paul knockout of Tyron Woodley

We’ve been watching this knockout from multiple angles over and over all day, and now you can, too.

If you’re regular visitors here at, you know that you can come check out all the highlights and finishes from every major fight moments after they happen. We had you coved for Jake Paul’s brutal one punch knockout of Tyron Woodley at Saturday’s Paul vs. Woodley 2 event. But, sometimes a finish is so spectacular that we have to go back and revisit it even more closely.

One angle just isn’t enough. Two really isn’t enough. So how about four, plus some slow motion business mixed in so you can see exactly how Paul faked out Woodley to the body before going to the head, putting his lights out.

Let’s start with the original knockout as it was aired on the broadcast. We were six rounds in and starting to feel pretty jaded about our decision to watch this fight when Paul suddenly landed the kill shot.

Then there’s this amazing angle of the knockout from ringside. You wanna see how hard Jake Paul hit Tyron Woodley? Watch half a gallon of sweat fly off Woodley’s head when Paul connects with that big right.

Here the finish is from the top down in slow motion, and then from over Jake’s shoulder in slow motion. The second part of this one is our favorite because you can see Jake looking to the body, causing Tyron to drop his elbow and protect his side. Paul comes up over the glove and catches Woodley clean on the chin.

Another look at that fake out. Paul was throwing that long body hook all night before switching it to the head.

And here’s the chaotic moments after the fight when the arena was going wild. What a moment for Paul, who was looking doomed to another dull decision finish against Tyron Woodley.

What do you think, Maniacs? As Tyron Woodley said at the post-fight press conference, are you ready to start putting some respect on Jake Paul’s name after this latest knockout?

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