Sunday Programming: Derrick Lewis Is the True MPV of December 18! (See Ya Next Year!)

Happy Sunday brothers! And since Sunday Programming will be taking a three week hiatus. Happy Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy whatever the.

The most important thing that happened Saturday night is we got to see the real MVP of December 18, Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis, in action again. The consistent action fighter added to his already record-breaking amount of UFC knockouts by pounding out tough heavyweight contender Chris Daukaus in the first round of UFC Vegas 45's main event.

How does Derrick Lewis feel about adding to his already historic amount of UFC knockouts?

"It doesn't mean anything really. It means something I guess, because of all the greats that came before me. Really, it doesn't change anything. There's alot of other guys that are active and doing great as well." Lewis told reporters at the post-fight press conference.

"That was for Rodney King. I'm fighting a police officer, come on man. That's the only time you get a chance to punch a police officer in the mouth and get away with it. And they shake your hand? S***. That's a great feeling man. Great feeling."

And what was Lewis (my favorite heavyweight fighter's) favorite of his 13 UFC knockouts?

"I like the Volkov knockout, that was pretty clutch. Because, I was getting my cheeks clapped that whole fight. And that was good that I came in the last round and it was a Russian guy and it was American versus a Russian and that's how Rocky was."

What a fighter. I would be absolutely jazzed if UFC booked Derrick Lewis vs. former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

There were other interesting fights that happened at UFC Vegas 45 (most of which I was missed. Come on, Saturday night, I've got to be me!). Wonderboy lost to Belal Muhammad, and perhaps should consider returning to kickboxing, where he once was so exciting.

Raquel Pennington won for the third time in a row. Cub Swanson beat Darren Elkins. And Raphael A (the brazilian bantamweight contender) was knocked out by Ricky Simon. Angela Hill lost a strange decision that I think was unfair at best. But all in all, a good night of action. And then there was Showtime Boxing.

I won't linger on discussion of this show. I was impressed by a four rounder that was featured. Two guys named Williams and Gore I think. Those guys battled. And Amanda Serrano won a terrific decision over the gutsy Spaniard Guttierez in a good fight. And then former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley boxed showman Jake Paul in a rematch. Man.

I was buzzed to say the least. I said I wasn't going to watch this idiot but damn. I was hoping Woodley would knock him out and end this thing. The exact opposite happened. This Jake Paul show isn't stopping anytime soon.

Although Woodley was still his usually tentative self, I enjoyed his use of illegal tactics. The elbow he used in the third (?) round to cut Paul. The takedown he used in the fifth (? I don't know and I don't care) round to put Paul on the floor. And then just like that, the fun was all over.

Paul looked low and came high with a beautiful right hand punch to knock Tyron Woodley out cold to win the bout in round six (? I don't know! Maybe seven).

I felt sad for the former champion. He has lost so much late in his career and now he has been knocked unconscious by... whatever Jake Paul is. I would like to say that while I was never a big fan of Woodley, I always respected him and always will. I hope he retires, at least from sports that feature full contact striking. I didn't like what I saw. I don't want to see Woodley boxing anymore. As for Paul?

Well, fair enough. He is incredibly annoying. I left the room when he was being interviewed. But Paul has some skill, tact, and most importantly, mass appeal. So. Depending on the opponent. I'll watch this guy fight again.

I'll be taking a three week hiatus from Sundsy Programming to enjoy the holiday season. I wish you all a happy new year. And I hope to see you all again here, enjoying the fights. Thank you. Have a safe, good holiday time.

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