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Reminder: ‘Vomit is a medical TKO’ (Video)

I was subjected to this video earlier today, courtesy of MMA Fighting, and thought if I had to suffer, then everyone else should too.

Van San kicked Justin Little right in the stomach at Fighting Alliance Championship 11 and the result was ... well, if you’ve ever seen Stand By Me (Lardass! Lardass! Lardass!) then you know where this is going.

“Push kick ... the vomit, that is a medical TKO,” the cageside commentator revealed. “Automatic stoppage under the unified rules of MMA. Vomit equals an immediate medical TKO.”

Imagine being the fighters who have to follow that bout. The last thing anyone wants is to get taken down in the same spot where somebody lost their lunch. I’m sure it was cleaned in between rounds but keep in mind how porous canvas can be.

Just ask UFC Vegas 45 co-headliner Stephen Thompson, who painted the town green at UFC 264 last summer in Las Vegas.

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