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Pic: Tyron Woodley’s ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo has mysteriously disappeared

Tyron Woodley agreed to get “I love Jake Paul” tattooed across his body if “The Problem Child” was able to defeat him in their pay-per-view (PPV) boxing match last August in Cleveland, and as luck would have it, “The Chosen One” came up short on the judges’ scorecards.

But there were some questions about the authenticity of Woodley’s (cough) “permanent” tattoo (see it here), which fell somewhere between Sharpie marker and Cracker Jack prize. The former UFC champ claims the faded ink — which is just three months old — is a result of wear and tear during fight camp.

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“It’s almost gone. I purposely did it, kind of like trolling the troll,” Woodley told Showtime Sports. “Anybody who has a tattoo on the inside of their hand, or a tattoo artist knows. I did it on purpose. I put it on the finger that means the opposite of love, I put it on that finger, but I knew it was going to wear down.”

Woodley replaced Tommy Fury on short notice and will have the opportunity to avenge his loss to Paul this Sat. night (Dec. 18) in Tampa. Instead of a tattoo, “The Problem Child” is offering a $500,000 knockout bonus to “The Chosen One,” who was criticized for not letting his hands go the first time around.

“Taking showers, washing your hands, boxing, battle ropes, turf ... I don’t want to walk around with his name on me for the rest of my life,” Woodley continued. “I agreed not to have it removed, I agreed to have it permanent. But I never felt I lost the fight anyway, so I wasn’t super psyched about getting it. It wasn’t something I mapped out and had all this work into it.”

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