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Stephen A. Smith hosts World MMA Awards in hilarious video parody by Din Thomas

The 13th Annual “Fighters Only” World MMA Awards were held earlier this month in Las Vegas, hosted by former UFC middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen, with such prestigious honors like “Ring Card Girl of the Year” being handed out to dozens of worthy recipients.

Sadly, no walk-on from Sacheen Littlefeather.

But in an alternate universe, created by MMA Roasted and starring UFC veteran Din Thomas, Stephen A. Smith would emcee the “Sin City” gala. And like any onscreen appearance from Smith, it was filled with mispronunciations and head-scratching references.

Franklin McNeil should sue for copyright infringement.

“I am the highest level of expert in all of the MMA,” fake Smith boasted. “I’ve trained UFC my whole life. I’ve been watching UFC ever since Royce Graceland knocked out Dan Severance using a rear-naked armbar back in 1982. You won’t find a more devoted fan than yours truly. I was front row when Chuck ‘The Snowman’ Liddell tapped out Tito Jackson back at UFC 17.7.”

I remember that fight, best finish since Luke Vagina beat Billy Noname.

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