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Woodley bashes Paul for $500k knockout bonus: ‘Don’t put a bounty on your own f—king head’

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tyron Woodley will have another chance to knock Jake Paul’s head off when the two fighters meet in a boxing rematch next weekend live on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV). Luckily, the former UFC welterweight champion will also have a chance to earn an extra $500,000 in the process.

Paul, who was originally scheduled to fight Tommy Fury later this month, sweetened the pot for “Chosen One” when he was asked to step up on short notice and fill in for the PPV headliner. Not only will Woodley be paid his regular fight purse, but he stands to collect $500K if he’s able to knock Paul out.

While Paul is trying to silence the critics who believe he puts a “No Knockout” clause into his contracts Woodley is simply chomping at the bit for the opportunity to make more money.

“At the end the of the day, you put a bag on your own head,” Woodley told MMA Fighting earlier this week. “Sh*t, I’m completely all about taking that free money. I had plans on doing that anyway, but if he wants to entice me a little bit more.

“You don’t offer a kid from Ferguson half a bag to go out there and do what he wanted to do anyway. So it does put motivation. You don’t put a bounty on your own f*cking head and think I’m not going to take it.”

Woodley, who lost to Paul via split decision in their first fight this past August (highlights HERE), jumped at the chance to sign the dotted line and compete against the social media star once more. Earning another massive payday live on PPV was just icing on the cake for the former UFC king.

“For sure, I’m motivated by money,” Woodley said. “I’m motivated by legacy. I’m motivated by greatness. I’m motivated by redemption. So when people say it’s not about the money for me, they’re f*cking lying. Why would you be prizefighting if you didn’t want to get a prize?

“Sometimes it’s about the principle. When you feel like you’re at a certain level, you feel like you’re at a certain point of your life and your career, you want the bag to match where you feel like you’re at, it’s just kind of a personal matter behind it. Definitely it’s additional motivation. You’ll see me walking away with another $500,000.”

Outside of the money that can be made by knocking out a YouTube star Woodley has a real chance to save some face next weekend on PPV. After ending his UFC career on a four-fight losing streak and dropping his professional boxing debut to Paul there’s a lot to fight for if you’re “Chosen One.”

“The fact that Jake Paul can walk around and say he beat me f*cking just boils my skin and blood and everything inside of my body,” Woodley said. “I’m trying to go out there and make it clear that I’m the better fighter, I’m the harder puncher and I’m the professional out here.”

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