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Video: Hot mic exposes Colby Covington’s fake beef with Kamaru Usman — ‘It’s all love’

For the three or four people who still haven’t figured out that Colby Covington is about as authentic as imitation crab, the editors behind the UFC “Thrill & Agony” videos are sharing a little clip featuring “Chaos” and longtime rival Kamaru Usman.

Shortly after their five-round rematch, which took place in the UFC 268 headliner last month in New York City, Covington admitted his ingratiating shtick was nothing more than an attempt to boost pay-per-view (PPV) sales, which under the points system translates to more money on the back end.

“You know I’m trying to sell it for you, get the money,” Covington said after the final bell. “It’s all love.”

“I know,” Usman replied. “I know.”

Covington (16-3) spent the last several years being as obnoxious as humanly possible, taking aim at everyone from Derrick Lewis to Matt Hughes. “Chaos” has also beaten a pair of former welterweight champions along the way, in the form of Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley, so there was as much substance as there was style.

That said, I could have done without those Infinity War spoilers.

Using trash talk to sell fights is hardly a new strategy and in most cases, has led to some of the biggest (and most profitable) events in the history of combat sports, even in cases where the contest was a complete mismatch.

Just remember: not everyone in the fight game wants to be a part of that “business.”

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