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Video: Anderson Silva’s son Gabriel gets KO’d in amateur kickboxing bout

It was a rough weekend for Gabriel Silva as he suffered a KO loss in an amateur IKF light middleweight title fight.

FightersRep11 - YouTube

Anderson Silva’s combat sports career hasn’t even ended yet, but his sons are already carrying the torch for the next generation.

Both Gabriel and Kalyl Silva are amateur kickboxers with solid records and highlight wins of their own, and both were in action this past weekend at a FightersRep 11 event in Los Angeles. But while Kalyl managed to put a unanimous decision win on his record, Gabriel tasted of defeat, suffering a knockout loss at 1:43 of the first round. And it was a doozy.

Check out the finish of the fight as seen from ringside (via the FightersRep Instagram).

The footage shows Familiari swarming Silva until the ref stepped in for a standing count. When the fight was restarted, Familiari turned up the heat, backing Silva into a corner and hitting Gabriel with wild overhands before a big right finally drops him to the canvas out cold.

The win earned Familari the IKF light middleweight championship and improved his amateur record to 10-5. Gabriel Silva dropped to 5-1.

Being the sons of a fighting legend has its perks: training with “The Spider” must be an amazing experience and Anderson has pumped his son Gabriel’s skills in the past. Your wins are celebrated and amplified, but your losses are also gonna get spread far and wide, unlike everyone else grinding it out on the amateur IKF kickboxing circuit.

You can check out both Silva sons fighting on the full YouTube stream of the FightersRep11 event above, with the Kalyl Silva fight starting at 1:34:40 and the Gabriel Silva fight starting at 2:26:15. We’ve got the Kalyl fight cued up for you Maniacs already.

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