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Listen to Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant give each other props mid title fight | Video

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant finally settled their bitter rivalry after the two men went toe-to-toe in the center of the ring last Saturday night (Nov. 6, 2021) in a Middleweight title unification bout in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After nearly 11 rounds of action, Alvarez eventually scored a technical knockout victory in the eleventh round to become the undisputed Middleweight boxing champion. While it was great to see the two men embrace and have kind words after the bout, it seemed that they were starting the healing process earlier in the fight.

The ever-present cameras of SHOWTIME managed to pick up some rather interesting audio between the two champions in the ninth round, with each man complimenting the other on his pugilistic skills.

“You’re pretty good,“ Plant said, before asking him what he thought of his skills. “Am I pretty good,” he asked. “Yeah,” responded Alvarez. Plant then went on to express how much he was enjoying the bout.

“This is a good fight right here,” he said, which was following be Alvarez responding that he liked it. “I respect your skills,” added Plant, to which Alvarez simply said, “I know.”

Now mind you, all of this was going on while each was looking for an opening to attack. And while fighters talking to one another in the middle of a fight isn’t anything new (just ask Khabib), it was refreshing to see the two rivals pay respect to one another in the middle of the big showdown.

Two rounds later, though, Alvarez delivered a thunderous uppercut that floored Plant and had him stumbling across the ring in hopes of gaining some support on the ropes. Seconds later, Alvarez piled on the punishment to earn the stoppage victory.

With the win, Alvarez took Plant’s IBF Middleweight title to become the undisputed Super Middleweight kingpin, inching him closer to “greatest of all time” status.

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