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Conor McGregor gives Ian Garry his seal of approval: ‘I’m buzzing, I love it!’

The godfather of Irish MMA just gave Ian Garry massive props for his debut at UFC 268, and declared they’d run another takeover of the UFC together.

UFC 268: Garry v Williams Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

It’s tough being a UFC fan in Europe, what with the way time zones work out. Most UFC main cards don’t get started until six in the morning. But one UFC fan, Conor McGregor, decided to stay up late to catch his fellow Irish countryman Ian Garry make his UFC debut on the early prelims. And boy was “The Notorious” glad he did.

Garry had an iffy start to his fight against Jordan Williams but pulled it together at the end of the first round to land a spectacular knockout, one that left McGregor ‘buzzing’ (watch it here). And the post-fight victory speech from Ian that paid a whole lot of respect to McGregor? Well, Conor unsurprisingly loved that too.

The former original UFC champ champ recorded a five minute voice message gushing over Garry’s knockout and his declaration that this was the beginning of another Irish takeover.

“F—kin’ hell. That’s a mad scene, lads,” McGregor said. “That’s a tremendous finish there for you. The step back, back paw. My god man, what the f—k. I’m all over the place after that. I love it, mate, I love it. The takeover part too. I’m in on that takeover part too, I’m coming back for that. I’ll be back for that. I’m all over that takeover part too, yeah?”

“Ian, I appreciate the respect that you showed me in there,” he continued. “At this time for me, coming back from this injury, that means a lot to me. This is probably the toughest couple of months I’ve ever had in my entire life, right? To see you go out there, to pay the respect like that and to go out and do that and then the step back back paw ... it’s just there’s something mad about that to me, right? And I’m buzzin’ over it.”

“I swore I was just going to stay up and watch that fight, it’s very late where I am, the main card won’t start til 7 in the morning, 8 in the morning here. So I said I’m going to watch your fight and then get to bed and I’m going to train tomorrow and watch the rest of the fights in training tomorrow. And I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I can’t get to sleep, yeah.”

“Fair play to you bro, I’m buzzing for you, I’m absolutely buzzing for you. I’m plain just buzzing all together. Sitting here with this poxy injury, can’t spar, can’t ... it’s doing me head in, man. And now you’re out here giving me this little buzz, man. I appreciate it, man, yeah?”

McGregor went on to give Garry some fighting advice which sounds like a preview of the style “The Notorious” plans to bring for his comeback.

“Fighting for the KO is so easy when you simplify it: end em all in one shot,” he said. “F—k stepping back and eating the little stray shots.”

“How does a combination start? It starts with one single shot,” McGregor said later. “So I don’t give a f—k what the combination is. If you start the combination with your jab, I’m mincing you as soon as you throw that jab. You start that combination with a backhand, I’m coming over the top of your backhand. You start the combination with a kick, I’m mincing you through the kick.”

“I don’t care what the second or third or fourth shot is. You’re dead after one shot with me! And that’s the way we do it, yeah? Mince them after one shot. Get ‘em out in seconds. We’re not paid by the hour in that bleeding thing.”

“The takeover part too, I love it,” McGregor finished. “What other Irish fighters are out there on this globe, that are going to join us on this takeover party? Because let me tell you what, I am coming back and I’m getting in on that takeover party action. Someone’s getting busted up when I come back.”

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