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Dillon Danis slapped backstage at UFC 268, ejected from Madison Square Garden

It was another bad night for Conor McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach as Danis ended up being slapped by Kamaru Usman’s manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard, Dillon Danis, hasn’t managed to officially compete for years now, but that hasn’t stopped him from racking up some impressive losses outside the cage and off the mat.

Conor McGregor’s BJJ coach has a bad knee and an even worse attitude that’s left him a sitting duck for the wrong kind of attention. Jake Paul relentlessly trolled him until it stopped being fun, and now the ship has apparently sailed on a big money fight against the YouTube superstar. A bouncer at a nightclub in New Jersey caught Danis in a rear-naked choke, the whole ridiculous confrontation captured by multiple cell phones.

And now the word is Danis got himself slapped and ejected from UFC 268 in New York City (via the very reliable John Morgan of MMA Junkie):

Abdelaziz is Kamaru Usman’s manager and another individual on the long list of people who do not like Danis. The two famously nearly got into a scuffle earlier in the year, only to have Olympic gold medalist and PFL champ Kayla Harrison drag Danis away and give him a stern talking to.

The reports then that she gave him a slapping? Slightly exaggerated.

We’re not surprised, though, that Danis’ mouth wrote checks he couldn’t cash. All through fight week Dillon had been attacking Michael Bisping over Twitter, threatening to track down the former Middleweight champion for a fight. Early into UFC 268, Danis shot out a couple of tweets claiming he’d sent Bisping running.

In a since deleted tweet, Bisping repeated the slap and eject story.

But, who knows exactly what went down. Maybe Danis is the victim in all this, as he claimed when those New Jersey bouncers surrounded him and took him down. This isn’t manager Ali Abdelaziz’s first backstage incident. Ali also slapped Anthony Pettis’s manager, Abe Kawa, at a PFL event, and has attacked Abe’s brother Malki, too. There’s also that footage of Abdelaziz trying to fight Colby Covington at a Las Vegas hotel buffet.

More as it comes, especially when the video drops.

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