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Georges St-Pierre’s hot take: Conor McGregor ‘needs to change his lifestyle’

“Notorious” is going to need to make some changes if he wants to get his stock back up to previous levels, according to “GSP.”

UFC Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Induction Ceremony Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Georges St-Pierre is sitting back, enjoying retirement and just doing random things with his hair these days. For years, we were used to bald Georges, but now we have blonde top Georges and I just don’t know how to feel. But, he seems to think it’ll help him with his Hollywood acting career, and maybe it will.

He’s certainly more visible now than ever before.

For example, here he is in a new video with SPORF doing a “Hot Takes” video where he shares some spicy opinions. But because it’s “GSP,” you know most of his answers are going to be respectful to the max. Like when he was asked for a hot take on Kamaru Usman replacing him as G.O.A.T.

“Rome was not built in a week, it takes years. Same thing with Kamaru Usman,” St-Pierre said. “He’s on his way. He’s doing fantastic. I’m a big fan of him. I do believe right now he’s probably the best fighter right now and the best active fighter in UFC. He’s doing very well so only the future will tell.”

What a kind way to say, “Not yet, kiddo.” Next topic: Jake Paul.

“A lot of people hate Jake Paul,” he said. “I don’t hate Jake Paul. I think he’s doing a great job. It’s about, “Hate me, love me, but don’t ignore me.” People tune in and he makes a lot of money. He’s a very smart businessman and I think so far he’s done great. So I’m not a Jake Paul hater, guys.”

In fact, the only person he had any slightly negative things to say about was Conor McGregor.

“Yeah, Conor McGregor, now his stock is going down,” GSP said. “He was very high in the beginning and I’m talking about in terms of, not in terms of money of promotion, in terms of status and in the rankings. Now he’s going down, his stock is going down. There’s been a few fight that it’s going down a little bit.

“There is a possibility that he might come back up but I think now things does not go well for him. You need to change some of his lifestyle.”

St-Pierre isn’t exactly the first person to say McGregor needs to readjust some things to rediscover success moving forward. McGregor himself admitted he was drinking too much leading up to his fight with Khabib. There’s also been some discussion amongst his team on how his camps were put together, but that seems to be an issue of the past.

These days we’d say McGregor mainly needs to spend less time on Twitter, where he lashes out at anyone who dares criticize him. Not that he doesn’t regularly dish hot takes himself ...

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