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Report: ‘Bumbling UFC fighter’ jailed for being world’s dumbest drug dealer

RIZIN.20 Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images

If your plan is to become the next Scarface, or you simply want to rise through the ranks of the international drug trade en route to a lifestyle of money and blow, try to avoid using your home address — and personal cell phone — to conduct your illicit business.

That was a painful lesson learned by Jake Heun, who the Daily Mail referred to as a “bumbling UFC fighter.” Heun is actually a two-time “Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) washout, getting subbed into irrelevance on TUF 17 and then again on TUF 19.

Heun, 34, was imprisoned for seven years and nine months in Victoria, Australia, after the 15-9 “Honey Bear” was convicted of drug trafficking. All the evidence law enforcement needed was readily available on Heun’s phone — including a picture of a parcel containing cocaine.

Border patrol officers were alerted to the scheme when a package of methamphetamines labeled “bath gel and cologne” — addressed to Heun’s apartment — was damaged in transit and began leaking. The presiding judge called the operation “not the most sophisticated example” of drug dealing.

Heun, last seen competing for RIZIN in late 2019, will be eligible for parole in early 2025.

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