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Video: Watch a chaotic 5-on-5 bareknuckle cage fight from Poland

Poland is really setting the bar ridiculously high when it comes to freakshow fights.

Facebook - The War 3

Regular mixed martial arts (MMA) just not doing it for you these days? Tired of promotions thinking they can just hold fights in a triangle to get that “wow” factor back? Then maybe five-on-five bareknuckle MMA is for you!

Or, maybe it’s not, and you’re just here because you couldn’t resist looking at the car crash that was the five-on-five fight that went down in Poland at “The War 3.” It was a battle between Team Warriors and Team Demons, with the Demons coming out on top after just one minute of absolute mayhem.

Watch the video here:

There’s a lot going on there, so you might not have noticed this poor fellow in the corner getting less protection than he would in a Herb Dean fight:

Don’t worry too much, they’re okay! Here’s Team Warriors after the defeat, covered in blood and taped up, but otherwise in good spirits.

This fight was advertised as the first five-on-five bareknuckle fight in history, but it certainly wasn’t the first five-on-five fight in general. We’re more three decades into this MMA business so any stupid half-baked idea you can think of has probably been done by now, if not in America then South America, and if not in South America then Eastern Europe. Or Thailand, now that Full Metal Dojo is around.

You don’t have to look too deep to discover that there was a full on five-on-five MMA promotion in Poland that started in 2014 and lasted a couple of seasons.

Honestly, five-on-five is just too many. We prefer our freakshow MMA to occur two-on-two at most, and in a giant foam adventure park like Russia’s Hip Show was:

The War 3 is available in full at PlayLive.Net, featuring, “an eight-person men’s K-1 tournament, a four-person women’s boxing tournament, a 3 vs. 3 team tournament final and, for the first time in history, a 5 vs. 5 team fight with bare fists.”

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