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BT Sport issues apology for Paul vs. Fury press conference: ‘This goes against all the values’

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury - News Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fight fans received a pre-Thanksgiving treat earlier this week when Jake Paul and Tommy Fury stepped on stage for a remote press conference. The two fighters will collide in a boxing match next month live on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV).

Unfortunately for all parties involved, this was no ordinary press conference. Fury was joined by big brother, Tyson Fury, and his father, John Fury. All three men eventually locked horns with Paul in some sort of verbal warfare and the insults, obscenities, and crude language started to fly. It wasn’t pretty, but you can check out the full press conference replay HERE.

There was one moment in particular that crossed the line more than any other. It came at the hands of John Fury as the elder Englishman willingly exchanged trash talk with a heated Paul. Fury held little back in his verbal attacks and ended up making some pretty harsh comments about what’s going to happen to Paul’s girlfriend after the fight. The moment can be seen below:

Unfortunately, there were more incidents like this one that completely derailed the pre-fight press conference. Anything involving Jake Paul is expected to possess some sort of adolescent behavior, but this 20 minute gathering between the social media star and the three Fury men was simply an ugly mistake.

As a result, BT Sport has been forced to issue an apology for the language shared between both parties on the live presser. John Fury certainly takes the cake for his comments about Paul’s girlfriend, but nobody was innocent in this poor attempt at a pre-fight promotion.

“This week BT Sport streamed a live boxing press conference that included a number of offensive and unacceptable comments, some of which has led to further online abuse,” read the statement.

“This goes against all the values that BT Sport wants to uphold. We would like to apologize for any offense or upset this has caused.”

What do you think, fight fans ... did this presser go too far?

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