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Happy Thanksgiving 2021 from!

U.S.-NEW YORK-THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE Photo by Han Fang/Xinhua via Getty Images

Today is a great day.

Not that we need an excuse to stuff our faces on a regular day of the week, but during the holidays — particularly Thanksgiving — it’s practically a requirement. Like every year, I plan to deep fry my bird in peanut oil (and not burn the place down in the process) because 45 minutes in the fryer beats six hours in the oven.

And it comes out juicy and delicious.

This year’s turkey will be accompanied by a few dozen yeast rolls, courtesy of granny’s cast-iron oven, which are good for sopping up gravy (and downright tasty in their own right). If you have a favorite recipe of your own, or maybe just a dish you love this time of year, let’s hear about it in the comments section below.

Or just swing by to say your piece, talk fights, vent about commercialism — whatever, it’s an open thread. Just keep the dialogue PG-13 so that our holiday moderators can spend more time gorging and less time babysitting. We’ll have the Canadian crew roll in a little later to keep the assembly line going, since the MMA news cycle never stops.

Happy holidays!

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