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Video: Cowboy Cerrone stung by swarm of bees — ‘They went right into f*ck you mode’

Add “beekeeper” to the long list of titles held by UFC welterweight veteran Donald Cerrone, who decided beekeeping suits were optional while stopping by the hive on his BMF Ranch in New Mexico.

Not surprisingly, the bees were not very happy to see him.

“We got two hives of bees at the BMF Ranch and this is the first time we have pulled honey from the hives,” Cerrone’s YouTube account posted. “It’s been a few weeks since we cracked open the hives and did a little maintenance and something has changed. The bees went on the attack today — hardcore.”

“UFC fighter Donald ‘Cowboy Cerrone’ ended up getting stung over and over but Lindsay made some killer honey and lip balm out of the two honey combs we pulled. The bees have plenty of honey to make it through the winter but next year we will be harvesting even more.”

Cerrone, 38, has not competed since a technical knockout loss to Alex Morono last May.

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