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Video: ‘Idiot’ John Fury tries to fight Jake Paul through TV screen

Tommy Fury brought his dad John and half-brother Tyson. Jake Paul brought his pool floaties.

Celebrity boxers Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had a special pre-fight press conference today in the United Kingdom to help promote their Dec. 18 pay-per-view (PPV) boxing match in Tampa. And since Showtime Sports didn’t want to foot the bill for holiday travel, “The Problem Child” attended Wednesday’s presser via stateside web cam.

“One pinch yelling old British man, two pinches terrible internet connection, and a whole lot of Jake Paul inaudibly talking in the background of everything,” anchorman Ryan Harkness explained to me on messenger, while also sharing video of John Fury — Tommy’s dad and trainer — trying to fight Paul through the TV screen.

MMA Fighting with the transcription:

Paul: “You’re a bunch of unintellectual pigs.”

John: “I thought I was ugly and needed a bolt through my neck to look like Frankenstein, but he beats me tenfold. Look at that jawline, my God. It’s a good thing you’ve got a beard on there, Paul, leave it on because Tommy definitely can’t miss that with either hand and you’re gonna find that out shortly.”

Paul: “That’s why you’re a single, old man.”

John: “I’ll tell you what it is, you wouldn’t like to meet the old man. You can thank your lucky stars I’m banned from your country, because I get you I’d slap you. … You wouldn’t be man enough to stand in the presence of me … I’d put you over my knee and spank you like a five-year-old kid.”

Paul: “No one gives a fuck about John Fury. You never accomplished anything. You never accomplished anything in your life. You’re living vicariously through your sons. You never accomplished anything. I see three idiots on stage, that’s what I see.”

John: “You’re the biggest idiot of all for accepting this fight, ya mug. Jake Paul has rigged fights. Let me tell you, there’s no rigged fight, you’re cupping it, mate and you’ll know it and all. And I can see the fear in your eyes because you won’t take them glasses off! That’s some first-class shit how he won’t remove his eyewear! Get the glasses off you idiot, I can see good enough.”

Paul: “Suck my dick.”

John: “You ain’t got a fucking dick to suck. You’ve got a fanny between your legs.”

Sadly, this kind of trash talk is how fights are promoted these days.

Paul is 4-0 with three knockouts, having gone to a decision for the first time in his young boxing career opposite Tyron Woodley back in August. That event is where Fury improved to 7-0 with four knockouts and used his backstage access to confront “The Problem Child” and plant the seed for their Dec. 18 headliner.

For much more on their cruiserweight showdown click here.

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