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Here’s video of Abdu turning into a penguin (Updated)

UPDATE: Abdu was incorrectly identified as Hasbulla, apologies to all offended parties.

Have you ever wondered what Abdu would look like as one of the Penguins from Madagascar?

Me neither, but the Dagestani social media star went and did it anyway. And if you’re thinking “slow news day” — no sir, you are incorrect, because I would post this drivel on a fast news day.

The new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson will feature the penguin played by Irish superstar Colin Farrell and since superhero movies are now serious fare, don’t expect to see much of the shtick made famous by Danny Devito back in 1992.

In other stupid news, Colorado ranks first in the nation for the most “dog-poo complaints,” according to a recent study, the same state where a cat was recently diagnosed with bubonic plague. In summary: pets in Colorado are the worst.

These are the kinds of posts you can expect when UFC takes the weekend off, so strap in and get ready for another wild and wacky holiday week.

Me rn:

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