LM's Hip-Hop Stop #1

I've thought about doing this a few times, but always come down to most won't give a shit. However, I've decided Joben would and here we are. I listen to so much new music weekly, I've decided I'll post the new good projects from today's class of quality hip-hop acts.

Discussions welcome, new additions welcome. Let's keep it away from trap/drill/pop. Doesn't have to be boom bap, but let's keep the Travis Scotts, Lil whatevers, playboy cartis and migos for somebody else's fan post.

I'll start it off with Mick Jenkins, a poet style rapper outta Chicago, one of the best doing it from chi town.

Elephant In The Room

Apparently comments close on these after about a month so.... I'll post more as the music comes. I'm not posting past albums that I love, more focused on current/new releases. Next one with start with the new Nas album...Merry Christmas!

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