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Jorge Masvidal planning March return against Leon Edwards or ‘king coward’ Colby Covington

“Gamebred” spoke up for the first time since pulling out of UFC 269 with an undisclosed injury, discussing what happened and who he’d like to fight next.

UFC Fan Experience Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

UFC 269 on Dec. 11, 2021, is a pretty stacked pay-per-view (PPV) event with two title fights and some decent star power across the card. But, it’s hard not to be disappointed with the loss of Jorge Masvidal vs. Leon Edwards, a bout that’s been percolating since Jorge gave Leon the ole’ three piece and soda back in March 2019.

There’s still no further detail on what injury knocked Jorge Masvidal out of the fight, and if “Gamebred” has anything to say about it, we’ll never know. Speaking for the first time since the announcement, Masvidal was coy about the exact nature of the injury, but not so shy about still wanting to fight Edwards.

“A good injury — a good injury happened,” he said when asked about the withdrawal. “I don’t think I’ve ever signed a bout agreement and pulled out ... ever. In my whole history in UFC, this is the first time. And I don’t want to discuss the injury I got, but I can’t come back for five or six weeks. And the reason I don’t want to discuss my injuries online is ... why? Why am I going to give info out on myself?”

“I told UFC to push it back further ... it’s up to Leon or not, and from his initial response he doesn’t want to wait and I don’t blame him. If he has the option to fight for a title or wait two more months for me, I don’t know what he wants to do or nor do I give a f—k. But, if he wants to go in February, we can go. If he doesn’t want to wait, then it’s onto the next date.”

As for all of Leon’s claims that Masvidal wasn’t training or prepared, Jorge shrugged off the accusations.

“Just fight in March,” he said. “Shut your mouth, wait for me, and let’s fight in March. If not, whatever. I have history on my side. I’ve always made weight, I’ve never pulled out of a signed agreement, I have this history on my side. First time, I’m coming off two losses, I gotta make sure I go in there healthy and well to give it my all. If he wants to wait until February or March I could decapitate him for all the world to see. If he doesn’t, then what I can I do. We will meet eventually, though.

“There’s not a man that God made that I won’t fight if I’m ready to fight,” he continued. “So I really don’t address or care if people think this or that. They’re always gonna think whatever the f—k they want. Come March, if we’re locked in the cage, it’s a different story.”

The pull out does seem to line up another long-awaited grudge match with Masvidal’s former friend and training partner, Colby Covington. And if that’s the fight that’s available in Feb/March instead of Leon, Jorge is all for it.

But, if he had his choice, he’d prefer Edwards.

“If it was right now in this particular day and time, I would say I’ll beat Leon’s ass because I signed for it,” he said. “I made an agreement with the man that’d I’d f—k you up next. I want to hold into that as much as possible. But if that’s not able to happen, I’d love to bash Colby’s face in.

“We’re talking about the biggest coward in my sport, all across all divisions, all sports,” Masvidal continued. “This guy is the king coward. He can’t control himself but be a coward. So I’d love to smash his face ... But, since I signed first with Leon, I’d like to address Leon’s b—ch ass first. And then we’ll take care of the fragile right guy. Now he’s changing his gimmick. Usman beat his ass so hard now he’s a nice guy. What a turn of events, that coward.”

With UFC 268 apparently doing better than predicted, the money is certainly in-line to make Masvidal vs. Covington a huge card early in 2022. And with Edwards insistent that he’s going to go from this non-fight to a title fight, we have little hope that particular bout will come back together in the immediate future.

But hey, Jorge and Leon have some pretty shallow drama compared to the complex story that is Jorge and Colby coming up into stardom together at American Top Team. Put us in the Masvidal vs. Covington camp.

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