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Spider-Nerds ‘Revolt’ after Sony drops Michael Bisping trailer instead of ‘No Way Home’

If you’re not a part of the superhero fandom, you probably won’t understand what all the fuss is about, but Sony Pictures Entertainment promised to drop the new Spider-Man: “No Way Home” trailer on Tuesday night, prompting legions of fanboys to subscribe for real-time notifications.

Then came a flurry of alerts and everyone flocked to YouTube.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, Sony was using its window of anticipation to sneak in several other trailers and previews, including Never Back Down: “Revolt” starring former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Spider-Fans, not surprisingly, were pissed off.

I saw the notification for YouTube and my heart raced thinking it was No Way Home trailer. I got played.

Sony: announces new spiderman trailer coming out today
Also Sony: Sike lol we’re gonna make you wait and post a different video instead

I’m just mad I got the notification think this was the No Way Home trailer

The result was a staggering 2.4k dislikes (thumbs down) and I’m not sure if that’s punishment for not uploading Spider-Man in time, or because Bisping spends most of his screen time beating up women.

Even by Never Back Down standards, which based on the first one are relatively low, our beloved “Count” deserves better than this.

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