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Video: Saturday Night Live skit has Joe Rogan giving ‘horse medicine’ to Big Bird

Yes, this is a thing that happened.

Joe Rogan has been on the receiving end of a lot of mainstream heat lately on account of his controversial COVID-19 opinions, and now he’s officially hit a new level of fame after being mocked in the latest opening sketch for Saturday Night Live.

It was a pretty lame and lazy skit, but that’s par for the course when it comes to SNL these days.

Pete Davidson got the call to portray Rogan, who shows up on a “Newsmax Kids” version of Sesame Street hosted by Ted Cruz titled (sigh), “Ted Cruz Street.” At least they put some effort transforming Aidy Bryant into Cruz. For Rogan, they simply slapped a bald cap onto Davidson and threw a black button up shirt on him, which is what Joe wears when commentating UFC fights. I assume they looked him up on Getty Images and decided that was representative.

The skit has Rogan showing up on Ted Cruz Street to help Big Bird get over the case of COVID he got from taking the vaccine (sigh).

“I used to host Fear Factor and now doctors fear me,” he says. “I took Carlos Mencia down, I can take COVID.”

Okay, that Mencia joke is kinda funny because of how hard it flops.

“Here’s some zinc, and ayahuasca, and horse medicine,” fake Rogan continues. “I’m a human and I took horse medicine. And speaking of things that are horse-like, today’s two sponsors are the letters S and D, as in, ‘I can S my own D.’”

That’s a reference to Rogan admitting on a recent podcast that he can fellate himself! Except, SNL is such a pathetic corporate product that this is as close as they can even come to bringing the subject up.

The one good thing about this skit is that maybe it will finally bring everyone together — left, right, Joe lover, and Joe hater — in agreeing: that sucked.

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