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Max Holloway rallies, batters Yair Rodriguez in championship rounds | UFC Vegas 42

UFC Fight Night: Holloway v Rodriguez Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez clashed tonight (Sat., Nov. 13, 2021) in a main event battle from inside UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, at UFC Vegas 42. Just a few months ago, Holloway solidified his top contender status by absolutely battering Calvin Kattar. Were Holloway willing to sit on the sidelines, that win likely would have earned him a title shot on its own, but “Blessed” opted to jump back into the fray. He continued his winning ways opposite Yair Rodriguez, the high-flying knockout artist who returned from a two-year layoff. Given all that time to train, perhaps Rodriguez returned with a few new tricks up his sleeve.

Once again, Holloway earned the win in an incredible battle. Follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Holloway immediately pressuring, takes a low kick. Holloway lands a right, absorbs another low kick. Stiff jab from the Hawaiian. Rodriguez lands a right hook, gets his head snapped back by a jab. Heavy body shot from Holloway. Holloway’s jab is SHARP! Rodriguez still standing his ground, firing back hard shots. Rodriguez combo, then a couple calf kicks. Body kick from “Pantera,” soon returned by Holloway. Rodriguez is landing really well to the calf. 1-2 from the Mexican fighter, followed by a high kick. Rodriguez is tee’ing off, then Holloway answers with heavy punches! Rodriguez is bleeding. Big overhand left connection from Rodriguez. Holloway tries a spin kick and is briefly taken down. Holloway breaks free, lands a high kick, then shoves his way into top position. He finishes the round in half guard — CRAZY ROUND! 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Two

Rodriguez begins the round with low kicks. Rodriguez lead hook. Another. Stiff jab from the Mexican athlete, then Holloway rips the body. Holloway starts putting some punches together. More body shots. Double low kick from Rodriguez, then Holloway touches the mid-section again. Rodriguez still firing well, but Holloway seems to be building momentum. Crisp cross from Holloway. Rodriguez rips the calf a few more times. Southpaw combo from Holloway then a big right hook. Heavy cross from Rodriguez. Rodriguez lands a counter up elbow, but Holloway keeps punching with his foe along the fence. Both men landing well, Rodriguez to the calf and Holloway to the chest. Jump knee to the body from Holloway, who then clinches up and works his dirty boxing. Rodriguez falls to his back trying a kick, and Holloway drops a clean punch to end the round. 10-9 Holloway

Round Three

Holloway advances, lands a body kick. Slick jump knee setup scores for the Hawaiian. Rodriguez rips the calf, lands a jab. Holloway catches his foe off-guard with a jab, sends him to the canvas! Holloway on top, hunting the arm triangle from mount. Rodriguez escapes, but Holloway is still in dominant position. Big elbow from Holloway. Back mount now. Holloway patiently chipping away, but Rodriguez slips out the back door. Holloway hangs on the front head lock and circles behind his foe again. Rodriguez back to his feet, takes a knee, but lands a heavy two-piece combo. Rodriguez takedown! But Holloway stands immediately. 1-1-2 for Holloway. MAX HOLLOWAY DOUBLE LEG! Holloway lands some small ground strikes before the bell. 10-9 Holloway

Round Four

Lead hook from Holloway. Heavy Southpaw connection for the former champ. Rodriguez lands some heavy shots from within the pocket. Holloway puts three to the mid-section, lands a knee, then grabs a guillotine! Rodriguez drops to his back to avoid the choke, but he’s in a bad spot now. Rodriguez tries a leg lock, but Holloway counters with a guard pass. Excellent recovery back to closed guard from “Pantera,” but Holloway throws by into mount. Rodriguez scrambles up and fires a low kick. Holloway tries a jump knee but runs into a cross. Jumping kick lands from Rodriguez. Rodriguez still swinging big, and he chases to the bell. 10-9 Holloway

Round Five

Holloway body shot, but Rodriguez lands a counter. Stiff jab from Holloway. Two heavy body kicks score for Rodriguez, who is definitely going for it. Holloway lands a pair of lefts then a big knee. Solid combo scores for Holloway. Backfist from Rodriguez. Rodriguez covers up along the fence and takes some shots. Holloway’s straight punches are still crispy, but Rodriguez digs to the calf. Rodriguez tries a rolling thunder, takes a cross and gives up top position in the process. Rodriguez bucks his way into top position! Holloway attacks an arm then scrambles back to his feet. Spinning elbow from Rodriguez, but Holloway answers with a clean knee. Rodriguez liver kick, then both men land punches. A brief pause for an eye poke, then chaos resumes. Rodriguez goes for a spin kick, but Holloway grabs onto the waist and jams him into the cage. The fight comes to a close in the clinch. 10-9 Rodriguez

Result: Max Holloway defeats Yair Rodriguez via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47) — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS HERE!

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