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Tyson Fury survives two knockdowns, stops Deontay Wilder in the eleventh round

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will throw down one last time tonight (Sat., Oct. 9, 2021) in a main event Heavyweight clash from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles are on the line here, but it’s much more is at stake than goldens traps. Now that Anthony Joshua has been upset twice in the last two years, it’s hard to argue against the winner of this fight as the best Heavyweight in the sport. Additionally, there’s quite a bit of bad blood in this match up, as the trash talk has been constant (see above!), growing particularly bad after the outcome of the second fight.

Follow along below for live updates and the best highlight clips/reactions/memes that social media has to offer:

After a long wait, Wilder’s costume looks lighter at least!

Round One

Wilder opens the fight with a half-dozen consecutive body shots before trying to go upstairs. Halfway through the first, Wilder has landed the only shots of the round, largely body jabs. Fury lands a glancing right hand around the guard. Heavy right hands to the torso from Wilder connect. Fury is backed into the ropes, but he fires back and lands. 1-2 from Fury. Big right connects from Fury near the bell. Close round! 10-9 Wilder

Round Two

Wilder maintains his jab into the second, but Fury seems to stun him a bit with a pair of hooks. Fury digs a right of his own to the body. Fury stuffs Wilder’s right with a clinch, lands short shots inside. Good right hand connection from Wilder, but Fury fires back and lands. Fury crashes forward with a 3-2. Wilder lands some glancing rights from close quarters. 10-9 Fury

Round Three

Fury is backing his foe up to start the third, and he lands a pair of counter hooks. Wilder returns to his body jab. Hard jab from Fury, but Wilder answer with a good right. The two start exchanging, and both men land clean before Fury forces the clinch. Another power jab from Fury, followed by a left hook. Wilder lands a powerful right, prompting another clinch. 3-2 from Fury puts Wilder on the canvas! 15 seconds left! Fury lands another big right! Uppercuts! Wilder is stumbling, but he survives the round. 10-8 Fury

Round Four

Wilder works a couple jabs before Fury closes distance, and the two are dirty boxing. Good left hook scores for Fury, and Wilder’s looking a bit wobbly, whether from fatigue or the earlier knockdown or both. Fury digs a body shot from the clinch. Fury puts together a combination with Wilder on the ropes. HEAVY RIGHT HAND FROM WILDER PUTS FURY DOWN! Fury answers the count, but he’s badly hurt. Wilder is flurrying, and Fury goes down a second time! Fury survives the round. 10-7 Wilder

Round Five

Wilder still pushing the pace, but Fury sticks him with a hard jab and follow up hook. Nasty 1-1-2 from Fury! Uppercuts from Fury from the close distance. Another stiff jab, Fury is really loading that strike up. Wilder hunting for the big right hand swing, and one gets through the guard a bit. Simultaneous right hands from the Heavyweights! Fury mixes a combo to the body. 10-9 Fury

Round Six

Fury backs his opponent up, and the two trade jabs. Fury landing the cleaner jabs through the opening minute. Fury weighing heavy in the clinch. Another big trade of right hands. Combination scores for Fury. Wilder tries to answer, but Fury manages to evade with head movement. Wilder takes an uppercut, lands a sloppy right. Hard right from Fury. The two trade in the clinch. 10-9 Fury

Round Seven

Quick jab from Wilder starts the seventh, but Fury cracks him with a 1-2. Wilder is swinging huge, but he eats another clubbing right to the side of the head. Fury’s head movement is looking much better in this round and the last. Two heavy rights connect for “Gypsy King.” Solid digs to the mid-section from Fury. Wilder lands a good right, then a 1-2. Fury answers back and hurts him! Wilder stumbles back into the ropes, but Fury isn’t able to send him to the canvas. Still, lots of hard power shots landed for Fury in this round. 10-9 Fury

Round Eight

Stiff jab from Fury early, followed by a right hand on the break of the clinch. Fury lands big with a combination. Good 1-2 from Wilder. Hard left from Fury, then a right sends Wilder stumbling into the ropes. Two right hands connect, and again Wilder looks unstable on his feet. More rights from Fury! Wilder is tired and hurt, but he still musters up a big right hand land. 10-9 Fury

Round Nine

Fury’s lead hand landing well early, but Wilder has gone back to his body work. Fury throws the left high then goes low with his right. Good right hand connection for Wilder. Double jab from Fury. Another hard jab. Combination from Fury backs his opponent up into the ropes again. Right hand from Wilder, then a left hook. Fury lands a big 3-2. Extended combination from Fury as his opponent is on the ropes. The round ends with more grueling clinch work. 10-9 Fury

Round Ten

Heavy 1-2 from Fury wobbles his opponent early. Wilder is tough as nails and stays up. More close range body shots from Fury. Wilder throws a right to the body, but he overcommits, and a Fury counter puts him down! Wilder is back up! Fury attacks but gets tied up close. Uppercut from Fury stiffens his opponent, but Wilder avoids falling. In the final seconds of the round, Wilder lands a big right hand and flurries on his opponent! 10-8 Fury

Round Eleven

After a clinch exchange, Fury lands yet another heavy 1-2 with Wilder’s back to the ropes. Fury follows up and lands some heavy power punches. Wilder maintains his footing for as long as possible, but one more right sends him crashing to the canvas for good!

Result: Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder via eleventh-round knockout (Watch Highlights!)

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