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Conor McGregor says Kamaru Usman can’t stop copycat act with Canelo Alvarez callout

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Conor McGregor says Kamaru Usman is reciting lines from “The Notorious” playbook.

Conor McGregor says Kamaru Usman needs to give credit to “The Notorious” playbook after calling out Canelo Alvarez.

Usman, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion, recently told The Schmo that he wants an eventual clash with Unified Super Middleweight World champion Alvarez. McGregor caught wind of Usman’s challenge and compared it to McGregor’s own crossover super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Usman wants to do the same thing with Canelo like Conor did with Floyd,” McGregor reposted on his Instagram Story with a laugh-cry emoji.

Usman’s interest in fighting Alvarez — either in mixed martial arts (MMA) or boxing — has to do with the idea of a cross-over fight featuring the two pound-for-pound fighters in their respective sports.

“I might have to go drag Canelo out,” Usman previously said (h/t MMA News). “You know, when he’s done with all these guys that he’s running through.

“It’s never been done, I might have to drag him, if not in the Octagon, I might have to drag him in the ring and actually take him. Because pound-for-pound, it’s never been done. Pound-for-pound [best] MMA fighter and pound-for-pound [best] boxer. So, that might be next if these guys can’t prove that they’re the next number one contender.”

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