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Dominick Reyes to UFC: Don’t cut Jon Jones ‘so I can beat him up again’

UFC 247 Jones v Reyes Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Former UFC light heavyweight No. 1 title contender Dominick Reyes believes he’s the “People’s Champion” after losing a questionable decision to Jon Jones at UFC 247, and continues to campaign for an eventual rematch against the embattled “Bones.”

That’s why “The Devastator” wants the promotion to keep Jones on the roster in light of his latest run-in with Johnny Law. Jones was arrested and charged with domestic battery late last month after a night of drinking and debauchery in Las Vegas.

“It’s not a good look for anyone involved, whether it’s the organization, whether it’s Jon, or whether it’s his family,” Reyes told Fanatics View (transcribed by Farah Hannoun). “No matter what, it’s all bad. This isn’t his first offense, but that’s up to the organization to decide. Me personally, I have a little ‘keep this guy around so I can beat him up again’ kind of thing. Overall, not a lot of words on it, man. It’s just not a good look. Being one of the greatest of all time and doing all that, man, get over it. That chip on your shoulder, whatever it is, just get over it, man. You’re one of the best fighters in the world. I don’t understand why.”

Jones, who plans to make the jump to heavyweight at some point in 2022, blamed alcohol for his misstep and recently posted a damage control video featuring his longtime fiancé Jessie Moses — though nobody outside of this UFC fighter seemed to have much empathy.

As for Reyes, who turns 32 later this year, he’s got more important things to worry about than what the promotion plans to do with Jones. “The Devastator” is coming off back-to-back knockout losses to Jan Blachowicz and Jiri Prochazka and recently fell out of the Top 5 at 205 pounds.

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