Mania Money Pool State Of The Union

There are two reasons for this post: an update on the final event of the season, and a preview of the future plans.

The Season Finale

This app is annoying re: league creation and management. As a result, our league has ended one event prior to the usual 10 events. To rectify this, I have created a league solely for Saturday night's events and invited all members of the pool. Your score will be tallied per usual, and we'll see who wins this thing!

It's an extra step, but accept the new invite and make picks per usual. All in the camp have been invited.

Moving Forward

kg and I have decided that the pool needs an extra few weeks to rebuild from our currently mediocre numbers. Rather than jump right back in next week with UFC Vegas 40: "Who Gives A Fuck," we're going to wait for UFC 267, the big PPV at the end of the month. This will hopefully give us more of a chance to recruit members, and as a result, the first event will feature fights that are actually interesting.

If you're in the current camp, you've already been invited for Season 4 of Money Pool 2.0

Now, for the copy/paste for new members interesting in joining the ranks!

How To Join Season 4

Want in? Make an account on the phone app (literally called "FightPicks") and tell me your screen name. Ideally, make a username similar to your MMAmania one for simplicity's sake. Then, email the treasurer: for instructions on how to pay.

If you've bought into the money pool previously, the system is the same. $20 buys you into the season, which will last for 10 UFC events. There is no hot bout on the new system, and there's no differentiation between split and unanimous decisions. Points are awarded for picking the correct winner, correct round, and correct method -- as well as a bonus for getting everything right.

As for payout, the winner of each individual event is automatically paid into the next season. At the end of 10 events, the top three league-leaders will be paid.

If you know your stuff -- or even if you don't -- give it a shot!

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