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B.J. Penn is serious about running for governor... ‘99.9 percent’ serious

Sounds like “The Prodigy” is (almost) serious about running for Governor of Hawaii and plans to run on an anti-mask / anti-vaccine mandate platform.

B.J. Penn appears to be serious about running for Governor of Hawaii.

Penn, 42, announced his intentions to run on Tuesday and doubled down on his political future in a new interview.

“Yea, I am definitely planning on it,” Penn told his manager, Christopher Taylor, in a story for “It is 99.9 percent right now.

“The current state of Hawaii — I feel obligated to do something,” he continued. “They keep closing down our businesses and shutting down the economy. My people are hurting and somebody needs to stand up and do something. I just want to make it clear, I am not here for the office. I am here for the people and I am here for our freedoms. That’s why I am here. The chief is only the chief because of the love of the people.”

Penn appears to be running on a platform opposite mask mandates and vaccine mandates.

“There are currently three guys who are licking their chops and chomping at the bit to release the next set of mandates or restrictions. I don’t see any of these guys working to give our people any freedoms. We’ve got three guys who are willing to tow the line with all of these mandates and who are just taking Hawaii’s Aloha as weakness. We cannot allow them to take our Aloha for weakness, Hawaii. We showed Aloha when we wore the masks. We showed Aloha when many of us got vaccines. We showed Aloha when we closed down our businesses. Enough is enough already. Don’t let them take our Aloha for weakness.

“There are stadiums around the world that are packed with fans and people playing sports. We can’t do anything for sports over here. All of the sports are shut down. Nobody can go into Aloha Stadium,” he concluded. “The vaccine passports, masks mandates, quarantines, lockdowns, all of these things are crippling us. Our freedom of choice is under attack. My policy is vaccinated with Aloha and unvaccinated with Aloha. The same thing applies to the masks.”

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