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Video: UFC star Kevin Holland runs down, apprehends alleged car thief in Texas

Jon Jones once exposed crackheads for having no cardio, so they gave up on car accessories like GPS systems in favor of the actual car, which does most of the heavy lifting when it comes time for the getaway.

Most, but not all.

Unfortunately for the “bad guy” who attempted to lift a set of wheels in Saginaw, Texas, his experience in boosting cars was limited to the freelance work he was pulling for Simeon Yetarian in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Affording UFC middleweight Kevin Holland the opportunity to apprehend him.

“I could hear the cars turning corners,” coach Shug Dorsey told MMA Junkie. “I asked [Kevin] what streets he was on. He started telling me the streets. We joked that he was like a real cop, with us coordinating while he’s driving. He’s running the guy down and trips him. He wrapped him up and held him until the cops get there.”

Derrick Lewis would be proud.

Dorsey claims Holland called him to report the stolen vehicle — and his subsequent pursuit — after stumbling onto the scene at a local gas station where bystanders shouted for intervention, prompting “Trailblazer” to spring into action.

The alleged perpetrator would crash the stolen vehicle shortly thereafter.

“He always does (things like this),” Dorsey continued. “People only see certain things. People only see what’s put in the media. There’s been several instances where he’s helped people out. It’s nothing new to me. If he sees somebody in a bad situation, he’s going to render it.”

Holland is just a few days removed from his controversial No Contest at UFC Vegas 38.

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