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Jake Paul’s Halloween costume is really going to piss off Dana White

This latest attack from Paul toward UFC’s president is quite the low blow.


Jake Paul is set to return to the boxing ring against Love Island star Tommy Fury on December 18th. But that doesn’t mean the YouTuber is going to stop bagging on MMA’s biggest promoter, UFC president Dana White.

Paul’s back and forths with White have generated numerous headlines as “The Problem Child” has dissed White for his treatment and payment of fighters under the UFC banner. We’re not exactly huge fans of Jake Paul, but we are big fans of fighters getting paid better. And it seems like Paul walks the walk, ensuring everyone on his boxing cards from top to bottom get paid better than they would with anyone else.

But it ain’t always just high minded overtures to fighter treatment. For this year’s Halloween costume, Jake Paul went into the gutter and dressed up as “Dana White and his hookers.”

This is all a reference to a strange case from 2015 that came to light in 2020: White was the victim of an extortion attempt after a man named Ernesto Joshua Ramos allegedly claims he filmed Dana White having sex with his girlfriend. FBI moved in and arrested Ramos after a sting he accepted $200,000 from White to keep the video tape from coming out.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, a federal magistrate judge signed “an unusual protective order prohibiting disclosure” of Dana White’s identity during the criminal prosecution of Ramos.

The criminal case, first reported by the Review-Journal in 2015, stemmed from what prosecutors alleged was an October 2014 secret, overseas rendezvous between an unnamed businessman and an adult nightclub dancer. White at the time was overseeing a UFC event in Brazil, the civil suit states.

White, who was married, had been seeing the stripper at Spearmint Rhino for months, paying her large sums of money to dance for him, according to the civil complaint.

The stripper, Ramos’ live-in girlfriend, taped herself and White without White’s knowledge having sex in their hotel room in Brazil, according to the lawsuit. She used her cellphone.

The whole situation might have never come out, but according to a lawsuit filed by Ramos in 2020, White agreed to pay him $450,000 to keep his mouth shut about the whole thing, but then reneged after a deal to sell UFC for more than $3 billion was signed and sealed.

While that lawsuit was eventually thrown out, it did result in the cat coming out of the bag regarding this rather sketchy scandal. And Jake Paul being Jake Paul, he went there.