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Jorge Masvidal calls out UFC for lack of fights: ‘They ain’t giving me an answer’

As 2021 quickly comes to a close, Jorge Masvidal is feeling like UFC brass is messing around and not getting him back in the cage fast enough.

UFC Fan Experience Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Jorge Masvidal became a massive star for the UFC in 2019 after he blasted through Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz all in a matter of eight months. But these days “Gamebred” fights are few and far between. He fought and lost to Kamaru Usman in July of 2020 and then again in April of 2021. It’s been five months since then and still no word on when Masvidal may fight again, and it sounds like Jorge is not happy about it.

“I’ve been freaking going in and out of Hunter [Campbell’s] office and calling him and they still haven’t given me a date or opponent,” Masvidal said during an interview with MMA Uncensored to promote Gamebred FC 2. “I wanted to fight this year. I don’t know what the f—k’s going to happen. So blast it out to all your fans and followers: Masvidal in question, looking for fight. UFC ain’t giving me an answer.”

Hunter Campbell is UFC’s Chief Business Officer and a key pointman for various top fighters known to require a little extra finesse to make fights come together. But it sounds like Hunter is not going to be on Masvidal’s Christmas list if he doesn’t sort the Miami fighter out for another bout in 2021.

“F—k it, we’re going to go public with this thing pretty soon,” Masvidal said. “I already told them my f—king deadline before I go full blast takeover, like one of those bad governments when they get flipped and stuff. I need a fight, Hunter! Make sure the clickbaiters put ‘Masvidal demands fight soon’ and then put under: Hunter [Campbell]. They’ll know what I mean.”

One obvious opponent for Masvidal is Leon Edwards, who ended up in a backstage throwdown with Masvidal the night “Gamebred” beat Darren Till. The two have been talking smack at each other ever since, and while it was Masvidal who was initially uninterested in fighting Edwards, now it’s Edwards apparently uninterested in fighting Masvidal.

“That guy is such a talking f—king machine,” Jorge declared. “Cuz the contract’s in front of his face, he’s said no like two or three times already. We’re already moving on. We’re not gonna saying names or nothing. I do a lot of this when it comes to contracts. It’s either yes or no when a contract gets put in front of me. Who is the highest ranked guy with the most money I can make, that’s who I’m going with.”

“Leon was talking about I turned down the fight. No, you f—king moron of a person. I fought for the belt twice. Why would I fight you? Who the f—k are you again? Now I got some spare time, I’ll beat this guy’s f*cking teeth in but he’s nowhere to be found. So we might have to move on cause he’s a coward.”

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