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Here’s that video of ‘heroic psychopath’ Conor McGregor being mocked on SNL

“Notorious” gets clowned at the 2:08 mark.

Sorry if I’m a few days late on this one but I don’t watch Saturday Night Live (SNL) and judging by the tepid ratings, nobody else does either. That’s probably how this parody of former UFC champion Conor McGregor slipped through the cracks last weekend which is a shame, it’s actually pretty funny.

And pretty accurate, as well.

The 33 year-old McGregor continues to make headlines but more for his violent, public outbursts than his in-cage exploits. “Notorious” was recently seen scuffling with Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV movie awards, just a few weeks before allegedly face-busting an Italian disc jockey in Rome.

As far as impersonations go, SNL will finish a distant second behind this world-class troll.

Also getting the SNL treatment was social media goof-turned-celebrity boxer Jake Paul, played by Pete Davidson. “The Problem Child” is expected to return to the ring against pugilistic royalty Tommy Fury; however, nothing is official at this time.

As for McGregor, a broken leg suffered against Dustin Poirier has “Mystic Mac” sidelined until late 2022.