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Video: Logan Paul repeatedly strikes person who called him a ‘p—sy’

It looks like Logan Paul got in some unsanctioned practice rounds ahead of his reported boxing match with Mike Tyson.

Logan Paul is putting in that work (sort of) ahead of a reported boxing match against Heavyweight legend, Mike Tyson.

A video emerged on Thursday of Paul (0-1 in professional boxing) and his Impaulsive podcast co-host, Mike Majlak, getting physical with a man. In the video above, Paul and Majlak are seen fielding requests for autographs.

“Bro, are you a p-ssy or what?” an individual off-camera appears to ask Paul.

Paul approached the much smaller man as the latter started walking away. The YouTuber, who recently competed in an exhibition boxing match with Floyd Mayweather (watch highlights), aggressively turned the person around. Paul subsequently landed three open hand strikes to the individual, two of which were more like face pushes. Majlak stepped in and shoved the individual a couple of times before security ejected the unnamed person.

“Logan Paul arrives to club hosted by [rapper] YG with best friend Mike Majlak,” the description of the YouTube video reads. “Logan Paul was being asked for an autograph by a fan when a random man calls him a derogatory word and sparks Logan to shove him. Mike Majlak separated the two before security stepped in.”

The video title alleges that Paul, and perhaps Majlak, were inebriated at the time of the incident.

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