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Did PFL champ Kayla Harrison slap Bellator MMA troublemaker Dillon Danis?

Current PFL women’s Lightweight champion Kayla Harrison recently told ESPN she had a bit of a run-in with Bellator MMA welterweight Dillon Danis a few years back inside a New York City nightclub, saying “I didn’t punch him, I slapped him .... I think.”

Emphasis on “I think” because during a recent media day for PFL 10 in Hollywood, Fla., Harrison cleared the air once and for all, insisting she never got physical with the jiu-jitsu ace and merely diffused the situation.

There was, however, a minor confrontation.

“Thank you for asking that because I would like to clear the air. First of all, people have a tendency to run away with stories. I did not slap him,” Harrison told MMA Mania during the PFL media scrum.

“What happened was ... we were at a nightclub and he and some of the people I was with at the time were Twitter beefing,” she added. “I don’t know. I don’t like to get involved in drama. But the men were kind of starting to go at it and there was about to be a fight.”

“So I just stepped in the middle because there was a lot of prominent people who shouldn’t be getting into fights. And I kind of just pulled on his hoodie and told him, ‘Listen you go over to that corner,’ then he went over in that corner and we went to our booth and everything was fine.

“So, I did not assault Dillon Danis. I didn’t slap him, I didn’t punch him, I didn’t knock him out,” Harrison added. “It just got blown out of proportion. I feel like I averted a crisis that night because that’s what a good mom does, they just diffuse the situation. But thank you for bringing it up because I saw someone tweet that Kayla slapped Dillon Danis. I did not.”

And that’s that.

Harrison will look to do a lot of slapping punching this Weds. night (Oct. 27, 2021) when she faces off against Taylor Guardado in the main event of PFL 10 for the chance to not only defend her title once more, but to capture her second $1 million paycheck for winning the season finale.

The bout could also mark the last time she fights for the season-based league since it will be the final fight on her PFL contract. That means a potential move to UFC could be on the horizon.

Or not.