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Mariusz Pudzianowski on KOing Bombardier at KSW 64: ‘He didn’t know what happened’

It took Polish strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski just 18 seconds to KO Senegalese wrestling legend Bombardier. Here’s his thoughts on the big win.


If you like to watch the biggest of the big men fighting, it doesn’t get much bigger than five-time “World’s Strongest Man,” Mariusz Pudzianowski, versus Senegalese wrestling legend, “Bombardier” (a.k.a. Serigne Ousmane Dia).

The two men walked into the KSW 64 cage on Saturday night at a combined weight of 587 pounds, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the fight didn’t end long. In just under 20 seconds, Pudzianowski caught Bombardier surging forward with a big right hand, dropping him unconscious to the canvas (watch the finish here).

The win puts Polish Pudzianowski on a four-fight win streak with all four ending via finish. It’s also “Pudzian’s” eleventh (technical) knockout in KSW, further securing his record of most finishes in the promotion. Despite lasting just 18 seconds, Pudzianowski declared on Instagram, “It was not easy.”

“The opponent could not be underestimated, he is a great boy,” Pudzianowski said after the fight (via Polish news site WP). “I worked honestly during the training period, as always. Mariusz is a craftsman who works, works, works, and it pays off in the end. I’ve been here for twelve years, thanks to the fans that allowed me to develop. I’m still here and I still love what I do.”

As for Bombardier, Pudzianowski revealed that the Senegalese wrestler wasn’t happy with the way the fight ended.

“‘This is the end now? How the fight is over?’” Pudzianowski claims Bombardier said. “He was still a little dazed. He didn’t know what happened. But, I’m not surprised. I have some strength. I hit really hard.”

This may not be the end of the competition between Pudzianowski and Bombardier.

“Since I have now come to Poland to fight in MMA, I invite him to Senegal in 2022 to see our sport,” Bombardier said during fight week. “Who knows, maybe he could even fight?”

“I will gladly accept it!!!” Pudzianowski replied. “I like new challenges.”

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