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Tony Ferguson claims Conor McGregor is using PEDs, ‘Notorious’ fires back with death threat

UFC 264: Poirier v Conor McGregor 3 Photo By Thomas King/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson have locked horns yet again on social media and this time it ended with a death threat.

It all started with a Twitter post by McGregor responding to a fan pointing out how big the former UFC champion is getting. With so much time on his hands as he recovers from his UFC 264 leg injury “Notorious” has been hitting the gym pretty hard and has bulked up leading into his eventual Octagon return. In typical McGregor fashion the Irish star took a shot at his competition while commenting back.

“All I read was “look how big he has gotten” My man! These clowns are f—ked when I get back.”

Ferguson, who has shared a storied past with McGregor, came out of left field to take his own shot at “Notorious.” Not only did Ferguson accuse McGregor of taking growth hormone to get so big in his time off but “El Cucuy” also took aim at McGregor’s ongoing legal situation involving a concussed Italian DJ.

“Taking Growth Hormone Will Do That To Someone’s Build. You’re Mentally Weak & Your Leg Is Compromised. Your Fragile, Frail & Breakable. That GH Gon’ Make U Break Kid. Keep Pumpin’ Ya Chest Ya Cheat. Not The 1st Time God Punished You. You Like Picking On People And DJ’s? WTF Pussy”

McGregor, who is never one to shy away from a social media showdown, quickly took offense and unloaded a series of tweets directed at Ferguson’s personal life and business decisions. “Notorious” also stated that he’s ready and willing to kill an opponent inside of the cage, which included Ferguson.

“Omg, god bless you kid. Mental basket sad case,” McGregor began in a since deleted tweet. “I am going to share your scared wife’s video that was sent to us of you screaming crying as you smash your house up. What a sad bastard u are. No brains. Empty head. Losing streak. No management. Wife sending us videos in fear.

“Tony was douped into signing with another agency on the premise he would receive a pro Baseball contract hahahaha a pro f—king baseball contract now he’s in legal turmoil with this crowd ahahahah no shit Jose Canseco what did you f—king think would happen empty head.”

“Me and you are fighting one day mate and I gonna end your life in there full of it. Sauce. Money. Power. I already won all the belts and the money in this game I just wanna kill one of yous rats in there now it’s the only thing left for me to do. And Watch me do it. Only on PPV.”

While McGregor has unfinished business with the likes of Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz the former UFC double champ has been lining up for a fight with Ferguson for years. The two fighters should have met much earlier in their careers but it didn’t happen for multiple reasons. With both fighters coming off consecutive losses an argument can be made that now is the perfect time for “Notorious” and “El Cucuy” to finally settle their beef inside of the Octagon.

What do you think, fight fans? Is it time to finally book McGregor vs. Ferguson?

Let us know in the comments below!

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