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Tyron Woodley crowned cringiest fighter by Henry Cejudo: ‘You want the gold? You got the gold’

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“The King of Cringe” Henry Cejudo crowns fellow former UFC champion Tyron Woodley as the “Court Jester of Cringe”.

There is no one more qualified than former two-division Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) titleholder Henry Cejudo to crown the second cringiest fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA) — an unfortunate distinction awarded to fellow former champion Tyron Woodley.

Fighters up for the achievement were (in alphabetical order): Alexander Volkanovski, Colby Covington, Conor McGregor, Kevin Lee, Luke Rockhold, Ronda Rousey, Tony Ferguson and Woodley. The fighters were chosen based on frequent nominations in various online threads. The hotly contested tournament wound up with Ferguson vs. Woodley in the finals (watch the tournament play out in the video above).

“I’m gonna have to give it to Tyron Woodley because it’s so unnatural,” Cejudo tells (watch the full interview embedded directly above this paragraph). “He so doesn’t see it. Colby Covington, he’s playing a character, it’s a persona. But Tyron Woodley, he just doesn’t see it, man. It’s gone wild, it’s a circus, man.

“He just doesn’t see how cringe that he is that he wins the title [of second-most cringe]. I think that even Tony [Ferguson] knows he’s a little off his rocker,” Cejudo laughs. “I don’t know if Tyron is, you know.”

Cejudo says that Woodley dug his own grave by getting an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo on his hand.

“He’s just so cringey,” Cejudo explained. “The dude has an ‘I love you, Jake Paul’ [tattoo] on his middle finger, and his movie sucks. But I’ll tell you what, he can promote a fight. He’s got a mouthpiece on ’em, but his actions don’t speak louder than his words. He lost to a YouTuber.

“Congratulations, but he got the crown man. You want the gold? You got the gold, brother.”

Watch the video above (starting at the 0:38) to see how the brackets played out.

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