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Italian DJ files charges against Conor McGregor for alleged attack in Rome - ‘He needs to be stopped’

It looks like Conor McGregor has another legal battle on his hands. Francesco Facchinetti — the Italian DJ and television personality who accused “Notorious” of punching him in a nightclub in Rome a few days ago — has officially pressed charges.

During a recent statement to CNN, Facchinetti said he decided to press charges against the former champ-champ, “because the world needs to know the fact that he is dangerous,” before adding that he “needed to be stopped.”

According to the report, the St. Regis Rome Hotel is cooperating with authorities and have handed over all video footage, though it wasn’t clear if there is indeed video evidence of the alleged incident.

According to Fachinetti, McGregor punched him in the nose after he and actress Bella Thorne told him they’d be leaving the party because they had a movie premiere to attend early in the morning. Fachinetti says he suffered a concussion, a busted lip and broken nose as a result of the unprovoked assault.

UFC President, Dana White, recently said he didn’t know enough about the incident to comment on it.

“I honestly don’t even know enough about it to comment on it. Obviously, I’ve seen what you guys ... you guys have seen more than me, actually, to be honest with you. I haven’t talked to Conor, so I don’t know what the truth is. I don’t know exactly what happened. So to comment on it, I really can’t.”

This is just the latest incident of a growing laundry list of legal issues and scuffles McGregor has been involved in, which include a sexual assault accusation, his now-infamous bus attack, punching an elderly man at a bar and smashing a fan’s phone.

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