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UFC vet Kenny Florian crowns the best martial art for MMA

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PFL commentator and former UFC title challenger Kenny Florian ranks the best martial arts for MMA.

Kenny Florian is making his case for why Brazilian jiu-jitsu is unrivaled in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Florian currently serves as a commentator for Professional Fighters League (PFL). The three-time world title challenger picked up a wealth of knowledge during his time as an active fighter under the Ultimate Fighting Championship banner. Florian (14-6) caught up with SB Nation’s Combat Culture to rank 10 martial arts by effectiveness in MMA.

And topping that list is the “gentle art.”

“Perhaps I’m showing a bit of bias here, but I would put it at the top,” Florian began. “I feel like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as it is devised, it’s a pretty complete system. I think if you go back to the Royce Gracie days, it showed that it was quite competent in defending itself against all different styles.

“We don’t see the same sort of dominance these days; however, I do think everything from the clinch to working a takedown, defending a takedown, if you are taken down, you are on your back, immobilizing your opponents, pulling off submissions, etc. I think Brazilian jiu-jitsu is still highly effective and I would put it there at the top.”

To see how the other martial arts — boxing, judo, karate, American kickboxing, kung-fu, muay thai, sambo, taekwondo and wrestling — stacked up against BJJ and each other, watch the video embedded above.

“I could sit here and doubt myself for the next couple of hours, but we don’t have time for that,” Florian concluded. “I like it where it is for the most part.”

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